The Global Climate Platform


Thursday, 04, July, 2024


The Altru Climate Project is created to address the global climate and energy crisis.

Our THESIS is that the only means to address this challenge is to rapidly scale what works. Two strategies: 

  • PROVEN SOLUTIONS Identify the winning approaches in one region and take them global.
  • BREAKTHROUGHS Provide a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our contribution is a platform for investment and collaboration. Bring together the right people with the right ideas and the right resources.  

  • RESEARCH Survey impact investors and experts to find the best and most scalable ideas.
  • CONVENE Bring together the key actors. Climate Week in NYC at the Davos Energy and Carbon Summit.

This is a platform for communication among those with the will and capacity to make a difference. 

Addressing the Climate Energy crisis requires dramatically accelerating solutions.

The Global Climate Platform