Revolutionizing Flue Gas Purification: Wastewater Substitutes Ammonia in Hanover




EEW Energy from Waste, renowned for its energy recovery from municipal waste, has initiated an innovative solution at its Hanover site. The company has extended its focus to include the thermal utilization of sewage sludge to address the chemical crisis.

Sewage sludge, a residue of wastewater treatment, holds pollutants that restrict its use as fertilizer. EEW has countered this challenge by using thermal sewage sludge utilization. By drying sewage sludge to slightly over 40% dry matter content, it can efficiently burn in the Fluidised-bed oven, leaving behind phosphate-rich ash and exhaust vapor. This vapor contains nitrogen and ammonium compounds vital for the denitrification process in flue gas cleaning.

EEW’s exploration led to an intriguing idea: Could wastewater replace industrially produced ammonia water? Trials have shown that nitrogen-rich wastewater from domestic waste or sewage sludge treatment could indeed substitute ammonia water in flue gas cleaning.

Already in successful practice at the Hanover facility, this substitution of ammonia water presents a more sustainable approach to flue gas purification. EEW’s patent application for this process marks a significant step towards improved waste management practices.

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