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Thursday, 06, June, 2024

The Davos Summit on Climate and Sustainability is an investment and implementation conference aimed at accelerating promising projects to commercialization that address the climate crisis through innovation and technology.

MISSION: The Davos Summit aims to showcase the most promising technologies in climate and sustainability and provide a platform for identifying and scaling these technologies to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

PHILOSOPHY: The conference believes that solutions to the climate crisis exist, and the challenge is to bring them visibility and resources for rapid and broad application. The collaboration of leaders can effectively address the climate crisis.

SOLUTION: The Davos Summit serves as a critical convening function, allowing innovators to share knowledge and access financial and technical resources to support and accelerate the global adoption of their innovations.

OPPORTUNITY: Davos is the ideal venue to bring together global actors committed to climate and sustainability. The Summit has the potential to make a critical impact on global warming and the Paris Agreement’s objectives.

FORMAT: The Davos Summit is an investment and implementation conference that includes presentations of the most promising investment ideas and workshops to develop implementation plans and strategies for their commercialization.

PARTNERSHIPS: Solutions will emerge from teamwork and collaboration, engaging leading groups worldwide to break down silos common among highly focused organizations.

ADVISORY BOARDS: The Summit will seek the most capable individuals worldwide in each area of focus and foster an environment that enables collaboration among them.

COMMUNITIES: Building networks of trusted relationships through Special Interest Groups to connect the best and brightest in specific areas of interest for long-term relationships.

CRITICAL FACTOR: Compressing the time from invention to commercialization through collaboration with large organizations and institutions to fast-track ideas with the greatest potential.

DAVOS OPPORTUNITY: Enabling Davos to become one of the world’s first carbon-neutral cities by bringing advanced sustainability approaches to the summit.

STRATEGY: A “mini version” of the Summit in January 2023 will refine the approach for the main event in October 2023.

ORGANIZATION: The Altru Institute has been hosting its annual meeting in Davos since 2018, building trusted relationships in the community. The management team is experienced in attracting leading thinkers and developing investment conferences of similar scope and size.

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