OxCCU: Revolutionizing Aviation Decarbonization with Low-Cost, Drop-In Solution

Clean Energy Ventures (CEV) recently led the Series A financing round of OxCCU, a UK-based company focused on decarbonizing aviation. Aviation accounts for nearly 3% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and poses challenges for decarbonization due to energy density, safety requirements, and increasing demand.


OxCCU has developed a streamlined, circular jet fuel synthesis process using proprietary catalysts. Their iron-based e-fuel catalyst converts hydrogen and captured CO2 into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in one step, reducing costs and capital expenditure compared to traditional methods. This process is carbon neutral and can be seamlessly integrated into existing aircraft, infrastructure, and operations.


The European Union and the United States have implemented regulations and financial support for SAF, recognizing its importance in achieving carbon reduction goals. OxCCU’s potential in revolutionizing aviation decarbonization has attracted investments from industry leaders such as Aramco, ENI, Trafigura, United Airlines, and Doral Energy.


CEV was particularly impressed with OxCCU’s team, including CTO and co-founder Dr. Tiancun Xiao, a renowned catalyst chemist, and CEO Andrew Symes, who brings financial expertise and industry experience. The company’s leadership, coupled with its innovative technology, positions OxCCU as a frontrunner in the race to decarbonize aviation.


Clean Energy Ventures focuses on companies that offer significant financial potential while making substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions. OxCCU’s disruptive approach to SAF production aligns with their investment strategy, and CEV is excited to support the company’s journey in transforming the e-fuels industry and driving sustainable change.


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