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Sunday, 07, April, 2024

Jay D. Hatfield

Financial Expert and Climate Advocate

With nearly three decades of financial expertise, Jay D. Hatfield is a prominent figure in the investment industry. As CEO and Portfolio Manager at ICA, he oversees multiple ETFs and has a strong background in real assets. Jay is also known for his philanthropic work as the founder of Tutoring America. Catch him speaking at Climate Week New York, where he advocates for climate action and sustainable finance.

Nicolas Waern

Director, Tech Visionary, Sustainability Champion

Nicolas Waern, Director of Dcarbon Solutions, is on a mission to revolutionize data and technology for a sustainable future. With a passion for innovation, he leads a team dedicated to solving global challenges, creating groundbreaking solutions like MetaCloud for decentralized computing. Nicolas envisions a world where technology empowers us to save energy, build smart cities, and create a better future.

Stephanie Potter

Sustainability Director, S&P Global

Stephanie Potter is a seasoned Sustainability Director at S&P Global, specializing in sustainability risk, portfolio analytics, and data for over five years. Her expertise navigates the evolving financial landscape, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and political shifts. Stephanie’s work shapes alternative data, reporting standards, and climate policy, contributing to the emergence of new sustainability premiums in market pricing. With a keen eye on global regulatory shifts, Stephanie guides companies and investors through challenges and opportunities in climate, biodiversity, and sustainability issues. Connect if you share similar interests.

Peter Fusaro

Environmental Finance Pioneer

Peter C. Fusaro is a pioneering figure in environmental finance with over 40 years of experience. As Chairman of Global Change Associates, he’s a best-selling author and renowned thought leader in emerging energy and environmental financial markets. His impactful career includes work with the U.S. Department of Energy, energy efficiency initiatives, and leadership in clean energy project finance. With a focus on a low-carbon future, Peter continues to shape the sustainability landscape.

Stephen Polk

Film Industry Expert & Producer

With 25+ years in film, Stephen Polk excels in developing IPs for profitable films. Known for transparency, he delivers timely development, efficient budgets, and successful distribution. Stephen’s network includes top talent and he specializes in maximizing ROI from intellectual properties. He’s also engaged in script development and social impact projects.

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