Think Manhattan is a mess this Climate Week? Wait until the UN-led movement bans fossil fuels

– Climate events around the UN General Assembly have caused gridlock in New York City, with slow traffic and disruptions to business and daily life.
– Climate Week NYC serves as a reminder that the UN-led climate crusade is persistent and unlikely to go away on its own.
– The climate movement is politically and financially entrenched and resistant to public opinion.
– Climate regulations, including bans on gas stoves, furnaces, generators, and internal-combustion-engine vehicles, are being implemented without widespread support.
– Fossil fuels have historically driven economic growth and development, but the movement against them continues to intensify.
– The UN and climate activists are calling for an end to fossil-fuel use, with rhetoric becoming increasingly strident.
– A declaration of a global climate emergency and the weaponization of regulations against the fossil-fuel industry are expected.
– This suggests that the challenges and disruptions of Climate Week may become a more regular occurrence in the future.

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