LyondellBasell Invests in Plastic Circularity Fund to Combat Plastic Pollution

LyondellBasell has made a strategic investment in the Lombard Odier Investment Managers (LOIM) Plastic Circularity Fund SCSPp, marking a significant step in addressing the pressing global concerns of plastic waste pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the plastic value chain. This fund is dedicated to supporting innovative solutions that can effectively combat the challenges posed by plastic waste. It focuses on investments in companies that are pioneering plastic materials designed for reuse and recyclability, as well as those developing improved collection, sorting, and recycling methods. This investment aligns with LyondellBasell’s commitment to sustainability, as the company has already devoted a total of $44 million since 2021 to various venture capital funds aimed at addressing critical environmental issues and catalyzing further investments in sustainable solutions.

LyondellBasell’s dedication to a circular and low-carbon economy is at the forefront of their sustainability efforts. They recognize the importance of collaboration and engagement across the value chain to meet the growing demand for sustainable products while effectively addressing environmental challenges, such as plastic pollution. By supporting the Plastic Circularity Fund and other sustainability-focused initiatives, LyondellBasell aims to play a crucial role in driving positive change and promoting sustainable practices in the chemical industry.

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