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Wednesday, 08, May, 2024

Terence Lee, the principal representative of the Altru Institute in Ukraine, has navigated a remarkable journey that places him at the forefront of the nation’s recovery and reconstruction.

Terence’s unique odyssey commenced with a brief period of military service in his homeland, setting the stage for a transformative life path. He embarked on a quest for knowledge, earning a college degree and subsequently pursuing law school in New York, where he laid the educational foundation for his future endeavors. After successfully completing his legal education, he embarked on an unconventional career as a legal journalist, which provided valuable insights and expertise.

The pivotal juncture in Terence’s life unfolded when he accepted a contract to report on Ukraine’s legal system amidst the chaos of war. Coincidentally, he chose to seek a license to practice law, successfully passing the rigorous New York State bar exam.

During his journalistic forays in the heart of armed conflict, Terence was exposed to the harsh realities of heavy shellfire and the profound devastation wrought by the war. These firsthand experiences propelled him to make the courageous decision to offer his services to the Foreign Legion of Ukraine. Initially assigned to combat roles, an injury during his service led to a reassignment in intelligence operations.

In his role within the intelligence division, Terence engaged in war crimes investigations and undertook various intelligence tasks. The knowledge he acquired on the front lines, coupled with his insights into emerging technologies like drones and artificial intelligence, fueled his determination to contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction and the vital mission of mine clearance.

Today, Terence remains closely aligned with Ukraine’s Department of Military Intelligence, channeling his unwavering dedication into ending the conflict, restoring the land to safety and fertility, and participating in the recovery from the most devastating damage Europe has witnessed since World War II. Terence’s journey epitomizes tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity, standing as an exemplar of humanitarian service.

Mr. Lee is currently located in Ukraine.

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