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Wednesday, 05, June, 2024

DESCRIPTION Lens technology increases the efficiency of solar panels.  Polycarbonate sheet manipulates light to maximize the good light and addresses the current limitation of solar panels to capture at best 22% of the energy from the sun.

PROBLEM Solar panels only capture at best 22% of the energy from the sun. They also wear out sooner than is ideal.

Lens technology increases the efficiency of solar panel energy conversion by 30%.

SOLUTION Produce a film layer integrated into solar panel manufacturers a film applied to existing panels.

IMPACT Solar power is advanced greatly, reducing the need for fossil fuels.

EVIDENCE 20 years of use in the medical field successfully for ophthalmology. Demonstrated with a small solar panel.

TECHNOLOGY Frequencies of light that maximize the conversion of the photons of light into electricity.

CUSTOMER  The primary customers will be existing manufacturers of solar panels that are looking to enhance their offering with a more powerful and longer-lasting PV panel.

BUSINESS MODEL Upfront licensing fee and ongoing royalty payments.

ECONOMICS  Global demand for PV panels far outstrips capacity. There is currently a 3-year backlog of PV panels. This technology could become standard in all solar panels manufactured.

COMMENTS The inventor appears to be a later-day Nicolas Tesla whose understanding of light waves energy and technology will merit a Nobel Prize.  The company’s ongoing conversations with the US Dept of Defense give credence to the significance of this technology.

GLOBAL COMPETITION China. We think the improvement in efficacy (cost per kilowatt) would enable US (and other) manufacturers to become cost-competitive with China as it offsets China’s price advantage from a superior supply chain and economies of scale.

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