The Global Climate Platform


Friday, 05, July, 2024

DESCRIPTION Project Carbon introduces a carbon credit supply system improving emissions accounting, credit quality, market liquidity, and accessibility. Using AI, IoT, and blockchain, it unleashes investments into renewable energy, energy storage, and EVs at scale.

PROBLEM Emissions reporting is mandated but challenging and inaccurate. Existing carbon credits lack integrity, leading to fragmented markets.

Scale all people and businesses on earth to decarbonize and participate in carbon markets directly.

SOLUTION Automated GHG reporting creates a new supply of high-integrity carbon credits with built-in measurement and monitoring.

IMPACT Funds distributed solar, energy storage, and EVs, aiming for a 50%+ impact on global carbon emissions.

EVIDENCE Demonstrates successful deployments, setting it apart from competitors.

TECHNOLOGY Uses cellular IoT for data automation, an efficient edge cloud, and blockchain for a fast, cost-effective solution.

CUSTOMER Targets organizations struggling with GHG emissions reporting.

BUSINESS MODEL Includes HWaaS, SaaS, edge node sales, and carbon credit services.

ECONOMICS Anticipates MetaCloud sales for revenue, starting with $1.5 million initial capital. Aims for positive EBITA in the first year.

COMMENTS Targets over 100 million global participants in decarbonization. Risks include funding delays and unrealized carbon credit value.

GLOBAL COMPETITION Aims to address market gaps, positioning itself as a pioneer.

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The Global Climate Platform