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Thursday, 06, June, 2024

DESCRIPTION Project Basura is a transformative initiative turns landfills evolve into clean fuel refineries, mitigating environmental issues and promoting energy independence.

PROBLEM Landfills emit massive levels of Methane, pollute groundwater, and contribute to environmental degradation.

Envisions transforming landfills into education centers, providing clean fuels and energy independence to communities worldwide.

SOLUTION A combination of three proven technologies that convert municipal solid waste into clean fuel. Involves grinding up waste into a consistent feedstock, converting it into gas, and then further refining it into clean fuel.

EVIDENCE Each of the three technologies has a long-proven track record, and their combination is being implemented for the first time.

TECHNOLOGY Utilizes a pyrolysis machine that economically converts waste without generating toxic side products.

CUSTOMER Municipalities and energy companies.

BUSINESS MODEL The standard $300 million facility can be paid off within 7 years and generate $75 million in annual profit, showcasing the project’s scalability.

ECONOMICS Considerable patent protection and private formulations for each of its core technologies.Seeking $10 million to develop integration and initiate project finance for the first plant. Each technology has undergone over 30 years of development, with millions invested, ensuring robustness and reliability.

COMMENTS While the technologies have proven successful at a small scale, there is a risk associated with the transition to large-scale operations, given the absence of an existing demonstration plant. Independent of societal contributions is its profitability. The process ensures that waste goes in one door and high-value fuels come out the other, transforming landfills from unwanted entities to valuable community assets

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