GasTechno has developed the world’s first single-step gas to liquids (GTL) conversion process, turning carbon and methane emissions into fuel. Their modular GTL plants convert gas pollution on-site into usable fuel and chemicals. The process is highly scalable and profitable for converting stranded and flared gas.

PROBLEM ADDRESSED.  Methane is second only to CO2 emissions as a cause of global warming. Most attention has focused on reducing CO2, but it is also critical to cut methane emissions—not least because methane has a more powerful near-term warming effect than CO2 and cutting methane emissions would have a more immediate impact on the climate. (Source: IMF) Methane needs to be captured and converted to clean, renewable energy in order to achieve global climate goals.

SOLUTION. GTL plants turn carbon and methane emissions into usable fuel and chemicals, allowing industries to decarbonize.

MARKET. Large renewable energy developers, corporations and government sponsors seeking to produce low-carbon renewable fuels and chemicals are all potential beneficiaries of this technology.  Landfills, dairy farms, wastewater treatment and other stranded gas sites are the immediate market.

TECHNOLOGY. The company’s non-catalytic technology converts hydrocarbons to fuel by utilizing a homogeneous partial oxidation reaction with oxygen and methane to produce value-added liquid oxygenates. (


ORIGINS. GasTechno research and development began in 2004. By 2010, the company’s first pilot facility was in operation, converting natural gas to market-ready products such as methanol and ethanol.

EVIDENCE. Numerous independent industry professionals have recognized GasTechno’s patents and process, including the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction program. (

MILESTONES AND FUTURE PLANS. The company successfully rolled out its first modular commercial unit using associated flared gas in August 2013. They hold the largest portfolio of single-step gas-to-methanol patents and acquired a 34-acre industrial site in Michigan this year to start the manufacturing of Mini-GTL renewable fuels plants.

They intend to license and sell Mini-GTL plants that will be deployed at stranded gas sites to produce renewable liquid fuels. Each plant is designed to produce up to 3,000 gallons per day of renewable methanol-ethanol. These plants are contained in shipping containers, making them ideal for rapid deployment and will be manufactured at GasTechno in-house.

They intend to build 27 Energy Centers in the next 10 years. These will provide on-site power generated from renewable methanol and supply low-to-negative carbon intensity fuels such as hydrogen, DME, diesel, jet fuel, and include electric fast-charging stations for truck and semi-truck markets.

They are currently looking to identify potential licenses interested in acquiring the rights to use or sublicense Mini-GTL plants.

MANAGEMENT. Walter Breidenstein

FINANCE. GasTechno is currently seeking a merger combination from a short list of SPACS and public corporations in the low carbon fuels sector. Annual revenue target within 7 years is $3-7 billion.

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