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Friday, 01, March, 2024





project – CIRCUIT  is Los Angeles-based Hexacore which was founded in 2023. 

The company has developed a new approach to the core microprocessor creates a far faster computation with far less energy enabling data centers to operate a fraction of the electricity of a typical data center and no water need for cooling. Faster microprocessors de-carbonize the data centers.

PROBLEM Data Centers and computational demands pose a massive growing unsustainable environmental burden

SOLUTION A far faster microprocessor that requires far less electricity generates less heat and no water for cooling.

IMPACT Fulfills the computational demand without environmental degradation.

EVIDENCE $200 million signed contracts. Development agreements with NASA for use in space missions. 

VISION A global network of data centers and the primary supplier of processing power globally.

TECHNOLOGY A new approach to processing.

SCALABILITY Data Centers can be developed rapidly in markets worldwide.

STAGE Revenue generating. In negotiations to fund project financing.

CAPITAL $2m for 1018 Datacenters Inc. 

IP Deep patent portfolio.

FUNDS USE Build out first small demonstration Data Center 

RISK FACTORS   Execution risk to rapidly scale.

COMMENTS  A new microprocessor architecture that runs far faster and consumes far less energy resulting in a dramatic reduction in water and energy consumption for Data Centers but with broad applications into virtually all areas of our information economy.  The company has been working closely with the US Department of Defense and with NASA which has plans to use as it is the only processor capable of the speed required of such advanced projects as deep space exploration. Runs about 3 times faster than the fastest processors produced by Intel and Nvidia and uses about 30% less energy. Raising $10 million now, much more later.

CUSTOMER Data Centers are massive consumers of electricity and water terrible for environment, yet demand continues to increase. The microprocessor is at the heart of this. The low hanging fruit is Data Centers, a massive market but just the start. Business Model.  Sale of computational services. Similar to the major data providers.

1018 Datacenters is committed to constructing and operating a network of energy-efficient datacenters across the United States. Our primary mission harnesses the immense potential of the Hexacore Protean microprocessor, which offers remarkable performance advantages. This cutting-edge microprocessor delivers a 14% increase in speed compared to the NVIDIA H100, while consuming only 9% of the power and dissipating 5% of the heat. This technological breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize the datacenter industry, and 1018 Datacenters is uniquely positioned to leverage its capabilities, ushering in a transformative era for datacenter infrastructure.

The company’s ambitious five-year project aims to build and deploy 75 datacenters across the US at a total cost of $1.2 billion. Currently, we are seeking a $2 million seed investment at a valuation of $20 million, with an option for a second round of $16 million (valuation to be determined). The rollout will primarily be funded through a combination of the Department of Energy Title 17 Loan Guarantee Scheme (where we are seeking $600 million) and profitability, thus minimizing shareholder dilution.


Entity. 1018 Datacenters Inc., a Wyoming subsidiary of Hexacore Inc. This company will serve as a use case example of the Hexacore Protean microprocessor, serving as a showcase for our innovative and pioneering microprocessor technology.

PRICE TARGET TBD. Management project that the company’s value will reach $25 billion in five years. Our exit strategies include selling or taking one or both the REIT and operational arms of the company public.


ADDITIONAL ASSETS 26 page Investment Deck.  1018 Datacenters Overview (Rev 1.9)


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