System to purify air with a light spectrum and oxidation

The illumiPure product suite features air disinfection, air purification, visible light surface disinfection, and indoor air quality measurement and management systems.

  • Air Guardian®
  • CleanWhite®
  • Vertices Air Quality Management System.

IllumiPure technologies address the many elements that affect health including airflow dynamics, ventilation sources, atmospheric conditions, gaseous compounds, nanoparticles, fine particles, pollutants, light sources, volatile chemical compounds, airborne and surface microbes.

Fixtures are available for commercial, retail, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and other industries. Air Guardian fixtures are available in 2’x2′, 2’x4′, and portable designs.

illumiPure’s Air Guardian® is a sealed Air Purification and Disinfection Device that uses multiple biophysical technologies to reduce and remove harmful gaseous compounds, nanoparticles, fine particles, pollutants, volatile chemical compounds, and airborne microbes.

Air Guardian® doesn’t trap microbes and hazardous particles like HEPA (and MERV) filter-based systems – it completely kills and destroys microbes and other hazards before they reach the filter.

Technology. A combination of light wavelength of 405 and 470 has created a tool to eviscerate any pathogens in the air  (viruses, particulates, etc.)

Air Guardian’s ultraviolet LEDs fill a patented matrix of special chambers with UV energies as high as 253 Watts. Scientific studies have shown that as little as .0169 Watts can completely kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

As room air travels through Air Guardian’s chambers, it is simultaneously exposed to a plasma-like cloud of super-oxide ions. These destructive oxides and ions are produced on over 9,256 square inches of surface area within the device.

Air Guardian’s chamber matrix uses fluid dynamic elements to retain air for extended durations – up to 22 seconds – so that full pathogenic and particle destruction can be completed. Viruses, fungus, mold, bacteria, and spore forms are all destroyed within Air Guardian’s high-energy and plasma-filled chambers. Purified air is then released from multiple ceiling locations to create downward air displacement into the room. This continuous downward displacement of air mass produces protective zones of air within the breathing strata. This downward venting process helps protect against disease.

Data Evidence. Numerous studies have validated the technology. More importantly the marketplace where the company is shipping 3,000 units per week. Generated $50 million in revenues in its first 18 months and is experiencing a number of reorders.

Current Market. Serves any indoor space such as schools, hospitals, and provides pure air with limited energy expenditure.The use of HEPA filters has been considered the gold standard. It is a technology that captures pathogens.

Impact.  The ability to use light and this enables a closed system for internal air purification, greatly reducing the outside and fresh air that must be brought in and cooled or heated requiring significant energy. In the case of COVID in various climates requires opening windows. The energy savings.

Scalability. The technology could be licensed to HVAC and/or lighting companies worldwide.

Status. The company is currently growing at a very rapid rate with little or no marketing organization and limited financial resources.

Needs. Additional capital to fund growth. International licensing opportunity.