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Wednesday, 10, July, 2024

Investment Profile of Project WIND

Swiss company TwingTec introduces a breakthrough in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), presenting a mobile wind power plant that utilizes energy drones tethered to ground generators. This innovative technology aims to overcome the limitations of traditional wind turbines and significantly expand the global capacity for wind energy.

PROBLEM:  Wind power, a crucial clean energy source, faces challenges with conventional turbines—expensive installations, difficulty in remote locations, and substantial land requirements. Meeting the growing demand for clean energy, especially in off-grid scenarios, necessitates new, efficient technologies.

SOLUTION. TwingTec’s energy drone system addresses these challenges by requiring less material, reaching higher altitudes for increased energy generation, and offering flexibility in installation locations. The potential impact includes a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and access to untapped wind resources.

THE MARKET. TwingTec targets off-grid markets, including mining companies and remote communities reliant on diesel generators. Long-term plans involve expanding into off-shore applications to contribute significantly to Europe’s clean energy goals. The total addressable market is estimated at EUR 360 Bn/year.

EVIDENCE. Supported by validated performance simulations and detailed cost models, TwingTec demonstrates disruptive energy cost reduction potential compared to diesel, wind, and PV systems.

THE TECHNOLOGY AND ORIGINS. TwingTec pioneers Airborne Wind Energy with a mobile wind power plant, leveraging ultra-light wings developed for efficient energy harvesting. The drone-tethered winch system is fully automated, adapting to various weather conditions, and has the potential to be one of the first commercially viable AWE options.


  • George Hanna | CEO
  • Rolf Luchsinger | Co-Founder + CO0 a.i.
  • Corey Houle | Co-Founder + CTO

FINANCE. TwingTec, funded by venture capital and grants, is actively seeking additional capital from private investors and energy industry partners. Currently raising EUR 5M in a post-seed equity round, with plans for a larger Series A raise in 9 months.

IMPACT POTENTIAL. TwingTec’s mobile energy plants boast twice the capacity at half the current energy production costs of turbines. With off-shore development, there is an almost unlimited resource potential, with the North Sea alone capable of producing up to 4x the current electricity consumption in the EU and UK.


  • Market entry preparation for 2025.
  • Partnerships for commercialization are in place.
  • Product market fit with industrial customers established.
  • LOIs signed with energy companies.
  • Core patents related to emerging AWE standards owned by TwingTec.


  • Developing the TT1000, the world’s first mega-watt scale, mobile AWE system.
  • Launching a sub-scale commercial demonstrator in 2023.
  • Onboarding new strategic partners, scaling the team, and advancing discussions with governments and regulatory bodies.
  • Becoming a supplier of disruptive wind technology and energy-as-a-service provider over time.
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