The Global Climate Platform


Wednesday, 12, June, 2024

Company Platform Membership

Visibility is critical to success. Membership offers an efficient means to connect companies with investors and partners through a suite of communications tools: 

PROFILES contain the critical information  in a standardized presentation delivers speed to knowledge that makes it easy for investors to evaluate a project. Profiles are linked from the Newsletter Posts and Research Reports.  This information are bonafide investors and potential partners. See SAMPLE PROFILE

EDITORIAL COVERAGE on the Platform and appearing in our the CLIMATE INVESTOR provides the ongoing editorial coverage creates awareness and traffic to the profile. Just send updates and we will publish and distribute. We can also create article reprints that can be posted on the news and media section of a member’s website. Sample

RESEARCH. Understand the ecosystem through access to white papers and Ecosystem Reports that include data on the key actors. We are continually building an information asset. Member dues are credited to such research. Access to a growing database of companies.  

CONFERENCES. Introductions to those that matter. Technology showcases investment conferences are for member companies only. Partnering software and matching systems for direct introductions and 1×1 meetings. Investor presentations and meeting space. Direct introductions to screened and qualified investors. View

These services are available for a modest monthly or quarterly billing depending upon the level of usage.


  • Advisory counseling. We have a broad network of experts in virtually every area including access to board directors. 
  • Pitch deck development. We have designers and experts both cost effective and experienced in the climate, energy and sustainability space
  • Mentoring and strategy assistance. 

A cost effective integrated set of communications tools to be part of a community addressing the climate and energy crisis. 

The Global Climate Platform