The Global Climate Platform


Wednesday, 08, May, 2024


These are the projects that the Climate Project is actively engaged in funding and or technology transfer activities.

SUNBEAM –  MORE POWERFUL SOLAR PANELS. The sun has more than enough energy to power all civilization.  22% efficiency appears to be the technological limit of solar panels. This technology envisions  33%.  View project SUNBEAM.

WIND – AIRBORNE WIND POWERDrones tethered to ground generators to overcome traditional wind turbine limitations and expand global wind energy capacity. View project WIND.

RAINDROP – MAKING WATER –  There is more than enough water. It is just in the wrong place. If you could get it to where it’s needed. Technology makes rain. View project RAINDROP.

BASURA-  LANDFILLS REINVENTED. Landfills become clean fuel refineries, become clean fuels offering energy independence. No foul air. No methane. View project BASURA.

CAPTURE – PULLING IN CO2.  The holy grail is a way to get CO2 to drop from the sky. In development.

CARBON –  REAL OFFSETS. True measurable offsets are elusive. This is a means for distributed consumers to generate offsets. View project CARBON.

STEELY – LOW CARBON STEELAn approach of using high-temperature pyrolysis to fuel industrial production using waste. In development.

The Global Climate Platform