The Global Climate Platform


Monday, 06, May, 2024

Posting a Project

This platform enables a global audience of investors to learn about promising projects. Project owners control information access.

The process is simple:  

  1. We produce a blind standardized profile that offers an investor a means to learn the essence of your project or or company.  sample. 
  2. Serious investors or partners must provide their profile to learn more. Which we will send to company. sample.
  3. You determine if they are a good fit – text or email us back with your decision. 
  4. If yes, we provide link and password to view your project profile

Our goal is to facilitate meetings with people that can make a difference. We provide a link for the investor to email specific questions or request a time to speak. 

Enrollment is fast and easy: 

  1. Take 10-15 minutes to answer questions with one sentence responses that you’ve answered many times before.
  2. Email your current investor package including video if you have such.  
  3. After reviewing your information, we will schedule a 30-minute telephone interview to discuss your project and if this is a good fit. We will provide information on participation options and fees in advance.  
  4. With the information provided and the discussion, we compose your profile if you wish to proceed. 

Here is the questionnaire to get started. Type in one-sentence answers to these questions and then we can discuss on the phone. No obligation. 

The Global Climate Platform