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Saturday, 04, May, 2024

Presenting Companies Information.

Participation Details for Companies interested in presenting at an Altru Climate Salon.

At our periodic Salons we select a few companies with relevant technologies to share their perspective.  We use an Application process to determine if the company is appropriate to that specific session.

No fee for companies that are part of the Ecosystem Research section. The format is a summary of the company and its technology and the perspective of the CEO on the marketplace.  

We typically make available presentation slots for promising companies that are not within the theme of the Salon and charge a $2500 fee.

For all companies we offer a range of services.


  • $900 Management video. Beautifully shot video footage provided with basic edit.
  • $500 for profile in the Climate Platform.
  • $495 for the Database of firms (does not include contact information).
  • $750 for Ecosystem Research Report. (pre-publication rate. $2500 will be retail price)
  • $1250 for Editorial package. 3 months coverage.


  • Visibility. Advance marketing and post distribution to approximately 6,000 investors.
  • Marketing through Climate Week vehicles and schedule
  • Network at the event. Meet those at Climate week.

If this fee is not possible, there may be an opportunity for sponsorship by one of our members such as a consulting or advisory firm.

Factors for consideration. These are what we are looking for from companies.

  • High Impact and Scalable. Demonstrated impact.
  • Interest in licensing and distribution partnerships globally.
  • Interested in the membership in the global network.


  1. Complete questionnaire. Google Form standard questionnaire.
  2. Interview. Short interview with a subject matter expert or reporter, or editor from Climate Investors Weekly. Allow 30 minutes. Questions provided in advance for discussion which closely align with the questions on the survey.


We will be able to indicate within. 10-minute presentation, allowing 10 minutes for Q&A.  Deck provided in advance. 30 minute interview.

Typical Schedule

If Management Video. 30 minutes video session in studio (in the building) at some point between 2 pm and 6 pm.  Attend presentation. Attend networking reception.

The audience is highly screened. Bonafide investors actively seeking who complete full application are admitted at no charge. Others require a payment of $495.  Space is limited.

Our goal is due diligence and capturing the content for our global network and creating an opportunity for our analysts to screen and conduct due diligence on firms for coverage in our Research Reports, Posting.

Invitation to our at COP27 Scheik El Sharm to Davos Conference in January and at the Green Wall Street Conference in New York in March.

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