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Sunday, 09, June, 2024


Amidst the urgent call for sustainability and reduced carbon emissions, renewable energy companies have emerged as leading innovators. With a focus on harnessing nature’s resources for clean power, these firms are driving the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. Below you will find a list of some of the companies we examined, shaping the renewable energy landscape.

TURNING LOW VALUE WASTE INTO HIGH VALUE RENEWABLES.  by heating the materials at high temperature in the complete absence of oxygen low value waste streams (wood wastes, digestate and biosolids) is converted into valuable renewables, biocarbons (biocoal or biochar) and renewable gases (green hydrogen or RNG)LINK

BETTER BATTERIES. Graphene technology repesents a quantum leap forward in energy storage. Batteries that are much more powerful, less expense and longer lasting could make a future of electric vehicles possible. LINK

WIND ENERGY DRONES. Generating 2 x the wind energy with only 10% of the material of traditional wind turbines will be a huge advantage for the energy security and transition to a decarbonized world. LINK

SINGLE HOME SOLAR ELECTRICITY. A software and hardware system to provide electricity to sub–Saharan Africans for $1 per month.  Now delivering electricity to nearly 2 million. Capable of scaling to 100 million.

FLOATING WIND TURBINE Because it is not anchored in the sea bottom, it can be put farther out to sea and dramatically increases the access to wind. The floating model has a far lower cost than traditional wind turbines, vastly increasing the potential for wind.

CHANGING THE GRID. Enables two-way flow of electricity to change energy. Elexys turns today’s legacy one-way grids into two-way smart grids. No need to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and equipment upgrade. LINK

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