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Monday, 06, May, 2024

RESEARCH – Ecosystem Reports

The Climate Project “Ecosystem” Reports aggregate insight and contact information on the key organizations and people within an industry sector or technology area provide an indispensable tool that fosters collaboration.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview. Scope of the Report.
  2. Current Trends. Major factors impacting
  3. Geopolitics. Major Regulatory and Political considerations.


Companies. Public and private companies with significant activities in the sector. Profile and contact information. Focus on breakthroughs.

Investors. Divided by sector on those most active. Primary categories:

  • Corporate and Strategic Investors
  • Venture Capital Investors
  • Family Offices
  • Governmental Investor

Media and Communications. Key publications and influential media outlets, websites, and newsletters. Includes contact information on editors and reporters. Including Public Relations and other communications assets.

Governmental Agencies. Top decision makers at governments globally. Focus is on key agencies and senior decisionmakers with primary titles: Ministers/Secretaries of Energy, Commerce, Environment, Sustainability.

Speakers, Books. Highly regarded Key Opinion Leaders most capable of providing ongoing insight into the subject matter.

Events and Conferences. A complete schedule of events including location, organizers, description, and participants.

Associations, Societies NGOs. Trade Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations including community groups.

Thinktanks. Research Institutions. Nonacademic research groups, such as privately funded research organizations.

Universities. Entities within Universities, such as Labs with a direct activity with description of primary reseach.

Foundations. Philanthropy. Complete profile including mission, funding, major works, and key management.

Accelerators. Description and list of portfolio companies.

Advisors & Consultants. Will include legal, accounting, international trade, auditing for ESG and climate, sustainability.

Bibliography. A summary of important research reports and articles. Overview of the numerous reports published annually by such groups as the World Economic Forum and major consultancies.

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