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Tuesday, 07, May, 2024

Samardzic, Ljubomir

 Ljubomir Samardzic  (Ljuba) is a CEO and managing partner of ICICB Developments, branded Real Estate development company worldwide.

He began his career in 1999. as head of the sales department in the oldest privately owned telecommunication engineering company in Serbia – Telefonija Belgrade.

Ljuba Samarzek

Gaining enough experience, soon he became a sole proprietor founding multiple companies active in the field of telecommunication engineering and infrastructure, which naturally led him towards real estate from 2007.  Shortly thereafter, he decided to elevate his career by venturing into international waters.

In 2010. he started a Management Consultancy Company in the United Arab Emirates, that eventually brought him in touch with the concept of Branded real estate. And this year, co-founding ICICB Group Developments, in collaboration with Christian A. Rockefeller, they launched a project in Southern Spain, in the municipality of Sotogrande.

In addition to that, Ljuba is also:

  • Founder of Web Ing Technologies, an IT company specialized in Fintech, cyber security and blockchain technologies, Dubai.
  • Founder of Masdar Consultancy FZE, a Consultancy Company specialized in project management and Management Consultancy in fields of RE, infrastructure and telecommunications, Ajman, UAE.
  • Co-founder and CEO of BRE Holding OU; Branded real estate holding specialized in project financing and investments in RE projects through virtual assets, Estonia.
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