The Global Climate Platform


Tuesday, 07, May, 2024

The site is a private communications platform targeted at a focused group of people and institutions that are in a position to impact and execute the investment thesis:  Vastly accelerate the adoption of proven solutions and breakthroughs. 

The site is for those capable of making an impact: climate and energy-oriented investors, governments, and strategic corporate investors. The site brings to their attention projects worthy of time and attention.

Highly selective. Each project goes through a review and screening process by members of its Advisory Councils who are expert in various fields. We will limit the number of projects it takes on up to 10 per month.

Platform content. Tabs from left to right: 

THESIS Explains the general objective and basic premise.

PROJECTS Short descriptions of the companies and technologies the editors feel have the potential for impact. Standard format of the critical facts with a links to see the full Investment Profile. 

NEWS  News clippings that are about those executing on the thesis and/or insights technologies or matters impacting the projects. And news about the projects and the investors. 

PORTFOLIO These are the projects that the Climate Project is actively engaged in funding and or technology transfer activities.

RESEARCH The areas in which we are building communities around specific problems and for where see potential solutions. For each area we have compiled that includes resources specific to that area including important organizations, institutions. 

IMPACT SURVEY The core of success is finding the projects with greatest potential. We survey impact investors, experts globally to understand which projects have greatest potential. 

Our mission is to put in one place the projects and the people that can solve the global energy and climate crisis. We welcome your engagement in this.  Apply to join Investment Network.

The Global Climate Platform