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Saturday, 08, June, 2024

The Water Company

Made in Sweden and Germany, TWC’s Natural Bottle offers the most natural reusable water bottle in the world today. 

PROBLEM. Plastic waste, poor collection and recycling, and lack of access to safe water are among the biggest challenges to nature and human health. 

Plastic pollution: 500 billion water bottles are produced globally per year and only 30% are recycled. It takes 450 to 700 years to degrade a plastic bottle in nature, while releasing micro-plastics.

Water access: Over 2 billion people today don’t have access to safe water. According to U.N., water scarcity could displace 700 million people by 2030. (The European PET Bottle Platform, Plastic Atlas 2019, UN)

SOLUTION.  Made from bamboo (outer lid), wood (inner lid) and sugarcane (bottle), this bottle has no BPA and no phyhalates. It is not compostable but sustainable and recyclable, and provides a sustainable alternative to the mass-consumption of plastic water bottles.

MARKET. The Natural Bottle hopes to sell in regions where the recycling process is underdeveloped (where they can reduce the most harmful waste) and where no tap water is drinkable (where bottles are massively consumed). The company is first targeting premium bottled water brands whose owners want to offer sustainable water, specifically in Mediterranean tourism (Spain, Italy, France).

TECHNOLOGY AND ORIGINS. Biobased materials of The Natural Bottle can hold water with a shelf life of 1 year. Bottles will disintegrate during composting or biodegradation without any microplastics or other harmful products. The bottle can also be recycled. Sizes will start at 500 ml to initially cover the most consumed format globally.

CURRENT APPROACH TO PROBLEM. There are lots of active players in the bottle market making bold claims of sustainability but none of them have a natural look, are fully recyclable and made from non-plastic renewables.

MANAGEMENT. Sjoerd Bos – Founder & CEO

FINANCE. Early-stage and seeking venture capital investment. 

IMPACT POTENTIAL. 40 billion plastic bottles are sold every month, and replacing these plastics with the Natural Bottle would stop a massive amount of plastic from irreversibly entering our biosphere. 

MILESTONES. In 2018, 1 million bottles were sold online.In 2021, Forbes listed Natural Bottle at “30 under 30” in Europe for leaders in the Manufacturing and Industry category. In 2022, The Natural Bottle venture launched.

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