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Friday, 05, July, 2024


Areas of research concentration.


Municipal solid waste is a major problem everywhere. Few solutions. We see this as an area of opportunity. We view waste as energy. We think there are technologies to make landfills into clean fuel factories. We see ways to take plastic back to naphtha. To manage plastic. 

  • LANDFILLS and WASTE  Innovative waste-to-energy solutions. More
  • PLASTICS Initiatives addressing the global plastic challenge. More


The sun has more than enough energy to power all civilization. Finding ways to increase capacity to capture this energy is our thesis. If panels for example could go from 20% efficiency to 30% efficiency what would that mean?  

  • SOLAR PANELS View project SUNBEAM. technology moves it to 33%.  More


Despite recent challenges Carbon credits and offsets  remain a pivotal driver in shaping a sustainable future. The core challenge is finding measurable authentic carbon offsets. For which there a vast and growing market. 

  • CARBON MARKETS Carbon markets economic strategies intersect. 
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 Industrial organizations worldwide under pressure from governments and the public. There are a few areas that make up the majority of CO2 emissions. Aviation, Shipping, Cement, Steel, etc. Solutions exist.  

  • CLEAN STEEL Manufacturing innovations that are revolutionizing industries. More.


Strategies for curbing energy consumption in the realm of smart buildings and data centers. Simply using less energy is a core strategy. We see technological advances are on the horizon. 

  • DATA CENTERS  Addressing  energy consumption in data centers. More.
  • SMART BUILDINGS Intelligent buildings optimize energy usage and sustainability. More.
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There is more than enough water. It is just in the wrong place (in the clouds). If you could get it to where it’s needed would be impactful. 

  • MAKING RAIN This technology makes rain. More

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