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Thursday, 09, May, 2024

WTE companies

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Organization Name Type Location Description Business Activity Size of the Company Employees CEO Contact Revenue Website
Veolia Waste Management Company France Veolia provides optimized resource management services. The Company
designs and provides water, waste, and energy management solutions.
Water,waste,energy 533,759 business clients. 823 waste processing facilities operated, 46,922
thermal installations managed, 689 heating and cooling networks managed,
2,716 industrial sites managed
Nearly 220,000 worldwide in 2022- CEO Estelle Brachlianoff €42,885 million in 2022
Biffa Waste Management Company England and Wales Biffa‘s primary focus is on providing waste management and recycling
Single Stream Recycling, Environmental Services, Secure Waste &
Recycling, Confidential Waste, Contaminated Land & Soil, Free Waste
Audit, Waste Heirarchy, and Resource Managemen
75k business customers. 100+ depots nationwide, operating in 49 counties
across the UK.+
10,000+ employees CEO Micheal Topham €785,5 million net revenue in 2022
SUEZ Waste Management Company France Suez SA (Suez), formerly Suez Environment Company, is a provider of
environmental management solutions. The company offers a range of services
in various sectors.
Water distribution and treatment services, recycling and waste recovery
services, urban development services, industry-specific services
10 centers of research. Operates more than 300 locations in the UK. The
company has operations in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and
the Middle East
40,000 employees CEO Sabrina Soussan €9 billion in 2022
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