Altru Climate Project

Building a Sustainable Future

Our mission is to aggregate and curate insights and innovations that drive solutions to these global challenges. Through collaboration, education, and the dissemination of key information, we strive to create a more sustainable and thriving planet for generations to come.

Membership model. Assembling the best and brightest to find solutions through communications and collaboration. Join a community to address complex climate challenges through savvy investments.

Members gain access to Private Proprietary Research. 

  • Advisory Councils. We profile the leading scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and financiers in each vertical. This expert database of those on the front edge of innovation is accessible only to members.
  • Impact Rankings. We survey impact investors globally to identify the most scalable climate-impact investments. These rankings and profiles are available only to members.
  • Ecosystem Reports. We aggregate and curate the best available information on each vertical for insight on technologies and a database of the key players in each vertical.
  • Meetings. We host in-person meetings in New York, (September and March) Davos. January 17, 2024 and other meetings happening worldwide. Webinars monthly. New York Investment Salons monthly.

At Member website we aggregate and curate best information. Sections include.

THE CLIMATE INVESTOR Insight on those developing breakthroughs. Insights for investors.
SOLUTIONS  Profiles of promising technologies.
DATABASE From a comprehensive database of key players each ecosystem.
EVENTS Meetings and Salons in Davos, New York, and elsewhere.
THESIS  Find out abut us and our advisory board..