Altru Climate Project

The Altru Climate Project was created to address the global climate and energy crisis.

THESIS: The only means to address the global climate and energy crisis is to rapidly scale what works. Two approaches:

  1. Proven Solutions. Identify the winning approaches working in one region and scale by taking to markets worldwide.
  2. Breakthroughs. Provide a platform for scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with game-changing solutions.

    Addressing the Climate Energy crisis requires dramatically accelerating great ideas.


A platform for investment and collaboration. Can bring the right people right ideas right place right time.

  • Research. Global survey of impact investors and experts finds the best and most scalable ideas and breakthroughs.
  • Convene. Bring together the key actors. Climate Week in NYC at the Davos Energy and Carbon Summit. .

The focus is high-impact companies and breakthrough technologies that are succeeding in one country or market and that can be taken many countries quickly.

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