Changing the Grid. Enables two-way flow of electricity to change energy. System that has been proven with a major big box retailer that nearly eliminating their carbon footprint and their electricity cost by reselling their excess energy into the grid. Not possible before this technology.

This turns today’s legacy one-way grids into two-way smart grids without the need to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and equipment upgrades

MARKET. Engineering limitations have capped the amount of energy that a home or business owner can contribute to the shared distribution grids in their communities. This two-way distribution grid can turn large commercial and industrial sites into profitable solar and battery powered microgrids, or urban clean power stations.  A genuine two-way grid technology that averts curtailment by network operators, is inexpensive, easy to deploy and makes renewables bankable. The eleXsys solution addresses industry challenges in distributed energy resources (DER) across PV, energy storage, microgrid, waste to energy and many other applications.

eleXsys compact, rack-mounted device controlled by AI based software that delivers services previously provided only by the use of multiple devices, is an industry-first.

TECHNOLOGY.  The technology combines software as a service (SaaS) energy software and a unique grid edge device to improve the stability and capacity of electricity networks.  A distribution static synchronous compensator (dSTATCOM), combines the critical elements required to manage voltage (solar inverter; voltage control; power factor correction; battery charger and speed control).

This proprietary combination of software and hardware means existing networks can fully utilize distributed energy resources, such as locally produced solar and wind energy, and battery storage, without undergoing expensive grid upgrades.  The technology is founded on fundamental and proven engineering principles and technologies to solve voltage instability, namely static synchronous compensation (STATCOM) that has been used in and by the power industry/power electronics sector for some time.

IMPACT. This advances in energy storage, load management, and optimization have emerged that could allow institutional and individual consumers to contribute nearly 100% of the power they produce to their community energy supply without expensive upgrades to local distribution grid infrastructure.

The majority of new energy generation will be created by customers, which may not be managed appropriately by electricity suppliers and retailers. Simple, consistent national processes will be required to accelerate the adoption of smart DER and provide certainty for prosumers

As more consumers adopt sustainable transport options and seek to mitigate their energy bills by installing rooftop solar systems, networks will evolve to enable the two-way flow of energy caused by electricity being generated at multiple points and ‘shared’ on the network.

SCALABILITY. The company is looking to establish Master Licensees in countries and jurisdictions as joint venture arrangements – adopting a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to share in this value creation.

BUSINESS MODEL.  eleXsys strategh is to be the ‘Intel Inside’ equivalent for the fast-growing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) category, generating both upfront and long-term recurring SaaS fees. This model will ensure that our partners are operating at maximum efficiency and receive the consulting and engineering support they need from eleXsys Energy.

FUNDINGFounders and several successful capital raisings in Australia and overseas. approximately 200 investors, predominantly from the UK, Australia, Canada, France, UAE, Switzerland.


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