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Sunday, 09, June, 2024

Reform Earth Technologies. RET

Notes from call with Juan Jose Lao

PHD in waste.

RET  Reform Earth Technologies. Did a JV with them. Costa Rica as a pilot to PPP (public private partnership) in May 2020 to the Costa Rica government. To take all the municipal, industrial, commercial.

In this case just biodiesel fuels that can replace 30% of imports.  70% lower emissions and come up with a mix.  Costa Rica is a 100% importer of fuels, which they need then.

Flights must have a percentage blend.  SAF. Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Blend with our product to make their jet fuel such that they can.

Price be around 3.80 per gallon is the end prices.   7.00 per gallon

15.7 is the percentage. One in Poland and one in Romania, Moldova. Bring in the trash already.

MERF (term used in US)  Is a transfer stations.  BCF turn it into BioChar. The BioChar we’ve been doing it here with some Cement plans. They needs biofuels to lower.

Dr. Vasiliy Prokorof. Ukraine.   90% dispose of waste in landfills.  Two problems. Gas and groundwater contamination leachate.  He is a Polash refugee now and waiting to come to Costa Rico to test.

The origin is from waste.  Solves the waste and emissions problem.

A comprehensive approach. Convering problem wholeslistically.

Reduce the volume. Four to 1.

Hard to get funds from reliable sources.

Two entities. RET is my company a consortium.

We need to get a partner in the US.  A plant in Greenville. Three different companies for solving

  • BCF A California base group.
  • Reform Earth Technologies. Ron Baker, Greenville SC. RET.
    • + a group from England. Mountains of plastic in UK.
  • Rob Iasey.  Calgary. A small refinery.

$200 million to make 500 tons per day.

We have NER insurance New Energy Risk Insurance Coverage.  750 tons will cost 25 million pay for first coverage.

300 million to fund the plant and 25 million to fund the insurance.

If a national producer was producing biofuels, they will get 20 points over of competitive to outside suppliers.

Franz Tatenbach.  Minister of energy and environment in Costa Rica.


RET.  Reform Earth Technologies. Ron Baker, Greenville SC

They are on the verge of making the plan group from England. Mountains of plastic in UK.


BioDiesel. Certified and produced.  Rob Iasay from Vertises Group.

Started those discussions now.

Green Bonds.

Municipal Waste 5,850 tons per day. X 0.54 (conversion) amount of barrels of synthetic fuels.

3800 barrels fuels.   X  daily production.

To get certificates.

Avoid dumping and creating biofuels. You get

Municipal Waste 5,850 tons per day. X 0.693  = amount of CO2 (about 4800 per day avoided).

Today Minimum price of certificates to 25 dollars.

250 million and 300 million to do first

NER Insurance.  AXA Spinoff to a New Hampshire company.

New Energy Risk Insurance.  40,000


  • Has a company in this space.
  • Solid waste association of North America.
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