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Friday, 05, July, 2024

Team & Advisory Council Members

Meet our Advisory Council members

BiographyAreas of focus/Expertise

Richard Sargent

A commercially focussed CFO located in Sydney, Australia, with over 20 years’ experience delivering operational and strategic results. A unique mix of deep experience in Finance, Strategy, Transformation, IT, Project and Portfolio Management, and Supply Chain across various industries.
Waste to Energy

James Tu

New York-based professional James Tu brings rich experience in finance and technology, navigating the dynamic business world. A strategic thinker, he blends analytical skills and innovation for success, specializing in investment management and fintech.Fintech,
Investment Management

Djoann Fal

Singapore-based entrepreneur Djoann Fal co-founded GetLinks at 22, a major Asian tech hiring marketplace with $20 million funding. Post a transformative freediving incident, he established Atlas Capital, a Southeast Asian VC fund focused on climate and AI. Acknowledged with Forbes 30 Under 30 and Tatler Gen T accolades, Djoann is a tech and climate influencer, actively investing as an Angel Investor, championing sustainability.
ClImate and AI

Hugh Cleland

Toronto-based Hugh Cleland, Co-Founder at Roadmap Capital, leads a venture platform focusing on disruptive tech. Investing over $200 million, they target "deep tech" innovations, emphasizing "scale-up capital" for Canadian firms in "hard science."Deep tech, Scale up capital

Andrew White

Toronto-based Andrew is the CEO and co-founder of CHAR Technologies Ltd., a cleantech firm specializing in biocarbon development, industrial solutions, and environmental services, contributing to a sustainable world.Cleantech

Christian Schmitz

Based in Tokyo, Christian Schmitz began his career with Bayer and BASF, becoming a rice crop expert. With diverse global management roles, he transitioned to marketing and country management. Since 2009, as CEO of Aventa, he offers consulting services. Engaged in startups and representing the World Innovations Forum/Society3 in Japan, Christian is fascinated by blockchain and serves as CMO and Head of Asia at Rice Exchange, revolutionizing the global rice market with transparency and efficiency. Passionate about innovation, he leverages 10 years of multinational management and entrepreneurship for positive change.Innovation
Based in Göteborg, Nicolas Waern, CEO of WINNIIO, leads AI-enabled innovation projects globally for diverse industries. He provides CDO/CXO as a Service, workshops, and tailor-made engagement projects to implement future-proof strategies. Nicolas aims to solve global problems and operate in all countries, aspiring to make the world a better place.Carbon credits

Phillip Kopp

San Diego-based entrepreneur Phillip Kopp brings over two decades of experience as a co-founder, President, or COO in early-stage tech startups. With expertise spanning business planning, product development, fundraising, and international business development, he excels in diverse tech domains. Contributing to over 15 US patents, his focus extends to disruptive industries with societal benefits, such as alternative energy. Notable successes include co-founding Energy Eye and Digital Arbitrage (now Cloudbeds). Currently serving as CTO at DCarbon Solutions in Dubai, he leads innovation with MetaCloud, contributing to the Net Zero Token Network. Phillip's career showcases a steadfast commitment to transformative technology solutions.Carbon credits

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