The Global Climate Platform


Saturday, 08, June, 2024


The Altru Climate Project was formed to address the global climate and energy crisis.

Investment Thesis. The only way that the climate goals will be reached is the rapid scaling of technologies that can produce energy without GHG emissions.

To achieve the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal is to compress the time from invention to adoption for proven technologies.

In the same way that we compressed the development of a vaccine from 12 years to 18 months, climate solutions must reach the market much faster as illustrated in this simple graphic.

Coordination among scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and policymakers can make this a reality.

The opportunity is to orchestrate entrepreneurial and scientific talent and assemble the financial and technical resources such that the best ideas can scale rapidly.

Our intent is to provide an integrated communications platform to help everyone involved understand who’s who and how everything is connected such that efficient progress can be achieved.  This website describes the many components.

The goals of the Paris Agreement are daunting but achievable if the extraordinarily talented pull together they can be achieved.

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