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Saturday, 02, March, 2024

DESCRIPTION The Project Circuit processor aims to address the energy and climate challenges associated with traditional data centers. It reduces power consumption by 70%, minimizing the need for cooling systems, and operates without water. With speeds up to 100 times faster than conventional processors, the architecture focuses on efficiency and reduced heat generation. Its design enhances resilience to silicon fatigue and cybersecurity threats.

PROBLEM Traditional data centers are characterized by high power consumption and excessive heat, requiring substantial cooling.

Reduces power consumption by 70%, minimizing the need for cooling systems, and operates without water

SOLUTION Reducing power consumption, minimizing cooling needs, and operating without water.

IMPACT Aims to address energy and climate challenges in data centers, with potential applications beyond.

EVIDENCE Outperforms Intel and AMD processors by up to 100 times. Minimizes the risk of failure due to silicon fatigue and enhances cybersecurity resilience.

TECHNOLOGY Execute instructions in one or two clock cycles, enhancing speed and efficiency.

MARKET FOCUS Initial focus on data centers, with a projected worldwide cloud computing market of $663 billion by 2024 (19.1% annual growth). Potential applications beyond data centers, with collaborations underway with the US Department of Defense and NASA for future space programs.

STAGE Startup seeking $10 million in Series A funding for ongoing processor development and contract execution.

SEEKING $10 million sought for further development and customer contract fulfillment. Series A financing to support the expansion of the technology.

BUSINESS MODEL Open to financial investors, excluding major players in cloud computing (Amazon, Microsoft, etc.).
Emphasis on internal growth and trade secrets protection through a combination of trade secrets and patent IP.

CREDIBILITY Active negotiations with the Department of Defense and NASA add credibility. The long history of success in the inventor’s space contributes to the project’s credibility.

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The Global Climate Platform