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Overview Pyrolysis is a technology that converts biomass into an intermediate liquid product, known as bio-oil, which can be further refined into drop-in hydrocarbon biofuels, fuel additives, and petrochemical replacements. Involving heating […]


Overview Incineration is a process of burning hazardous materials in a specially designed furnace called an incinerator. It destroys contaminants by subjecting the materials to high temperatures for a specific duration. Incinerators […]


Overview Gasification is a technology that converts carbon-based raw materials like coal into synthesis gas (syngas), achieved through a series of chemical reactions in a gasifier. Syngas, primarily composed of carbon monoxide […]

Plastics Solutions

Welcome to our Plastics Solutions page! We are dedicated to exploring innovative landfill and waste-to-energy approaches that transform plastic waste into valuable resources while reducing environmental impact. Follow us as we highlight […]

Landfill Solutions

In the quest for sustainable waste management practices, innovative solutions in landfill and waste-to-energy have become essential pillars of environmental stewardship. These forward-thinking approaches aim to transform waste materials into valuable resources […]

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